Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sadie, Cole & Miss Piggy

This morning I came and let Sadie out front right away for her potty break. Next, I went to find Cole, since he was still hanging out in the bedroom. I noticed he really likes to hang out in Sadie's bed! Haha. I got him to come along to the kitchen with me. On our way out, I saw Miss Piggy had made a disaster of her pen. Somebody wasn't a happy camper last night! After Cole did his business, he came in and I cleaned up. Once that was done, I got everyone their breakfast and medicine. This afternoon it was just gorgeous outside! Sadie and Cole followed me to go hang out back for awhile. Cole wanted to go in after a little bit, so I came in and got Miss Piggy some fresh water quick and cleaned up her box and messes. I went back out to hang out with Sadie after that. She came over and got lots of pets and stole some kisses too! Haha. This evening, Cole and Sadie came into the laundry room to say hi. They went right out back to do their business. After that, it was time for dinner. Both pups licked their bowls clean. I let them back outside for awhile as I cleaned Miss Piggy's area and got her her dinner snack. I should have changed her water out before I put the cheerios in. Haha! She kept nudging me out when I tried to put the water bowl back in. Let me eat! Lol. She's hilarious. Cole was ready to come back inside before I was done, so I let him in quick. I went back out to hang out with Sadie the rest of the time. Before I left, I put Cole on the bed. Then, Sadie can sleep in her own for a bit. Haha!

Bella & Chico

This morning the pups were ready to head outside. I let them out and they raced out back. It was a nice warm morning to go and enjoy the outdoors. Bella came and sat by me for her heiny scratches for awhile. Chico would come over now and again for a few pets too. He even hopped in my lap for a bit. The rest of the time, the pups were busy exploring. This afternoon Chico ran outside and plopped himself right on the deck in a sunny spot. Perfect day for some sunbathing! He laid there most of the time. Bella went out and itched her belly on the grass. She lounged around out there awhile too. Later on, Chico heard neighbor dogs, so he was busy patrolling the fence. Bella went to go check out the bushes in the corner. This evening, it was still very warm and just gorgeous outside. We headed out and Bella made sure to get her pets right away. Chico was off exploring in the dark, so I had to call him a few times to make sure he wasn't trying to escape haha. Later on, the pups took turns eating some dinner. When it was time, they raced inside and went right in their beds for me as usual. Good puppies!