Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sadie, Zoie & Cole

We had a bunch of rain early this morning, so it was back to front yard potty breaks today. I came and let Sadie out front and took Cole out back so he could do his business. While Sadie was busy, I got breakfast and their medicine ready. She came in and it was time for them to eat. Miss Zoie took her turn outside and was busy patrolling out there until it was time to come in. This afternoon Cole and I headed out back while the girls took their turns out front. He wandered out in the yard for a little bit. We sat on the patio for a few minutes since it was nice outside. I went to let Zoie in and she was wanting to stay out to chase the bugs in the bushes. This evening Sadie and Cole met me in the laundry room. Sadie went out first and I took Cole for a quick break. Zoie went outside while those two ate. Then, I let Sadie out and Cole out back for another potty break before bed. Miss Zoie and I got a few tugs with her toys tonight too.

Bella & Chico

This morning we had had some rain early. When I came by it had stopped and it was nice and cool outside. I let the pups out for their morning potty breaks. Bella and Chico took turns getting themselves some breakfast. I stayed inside this morning and the pups went out to do their business. Bella came back in and sat by me most of the time for her pets. This afternoon it was very nice out. We had a nice break from the rain. The pups raced out back to go play. Chico was talking to the neighborhood and Bella was busy exploring. Chico worked up his appetite and he took a break to go in and eat again. When it was time, we headed in and I got them each their snacks.