Saturday, December 16, 2017

Kylo, Panda, Bu & Tatty

This morning it was our usual routine. Panda and Bu got up and headed out back for their breaks. Kylo waited patiently and watched for his turn. He went out and promptly came back in, ready to go chew on his bone on the couch. This afternoon, the pups each went out and did their business. They've still been doing great! While Kylo had some time to romp out back, Tatty was ready for her attention time. She squeaked her adorable little meow at me and led me to her kitty tower, where she flopped around and got some chin scratches. Kylo came in and was a little jealous, so he had to come over and check things out. Haha. This evening it was raining outside, so everyone was quick about their potty breaks. Kylo came in and curled up on the couch with his bone. Soon, it was time for bed and cookies! Just as I was about to leave, Tatty came out for a few night time pets.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo was hanging out on his chair by the back door. He meowed at me as I walked by. I stopped to say hi, then went to get their breakfast. I brought Oreo his pill on a plate, since he was comfy on his chair. Stuffy was sitting in the dining room, so I brought his food to him there. After that, Oreo followed me to the living room and we sat in front of the warm fireplace. Stuffy wandered into the kitchen and came to see what we were up to. Then, he wandered off again. This evening Oreo was right at the door to greet me. He led the way to the kitchen and waited while I got dinner ready. Stuffy was lounging on the living room floor. I turned the fire on for them and Oreo came to sit by me while Stuffy was eating his food. When Stuffy finished, he got a drink and laid at the edge of the living room. I went to sit by him and he got up and went by the fire. Oreo was happy to take his spot for a bit and get some pets.