Saturday, May 20, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I noticed a lot of trees in the neighborhood were damaged from the 60+ mph winds we had last night. Luckily, all is well at your house. Oreo met me at the door and walked me to the kitchen. I went and filled Charlie's bowl quick, then got food ready for the boys. Oreo hopped up on the counter to help. Stuffy was on the bed this morning so I brought his food to him. He didn't want to eat for me and got up to walk off elsewhere. I followed him all over with the canned and dry food and tried everything to get him to eat. He just wasn't having it. Poor Oreo was giving me sad eyes from across the room cause I wasn't coming to pet him. Haha. I ended up having to hold off on his shot for this morning. This evening I gave Oreo his meds and dinner and went off to find Stuffy. He was hanging out upstairs. I sat with him and gave him his food. Luckily, this time he gobbled it all up for me. I went down to go spend some time with Oreo after that. I thought Stuffy would come down too, but he didn't. I had to go find him to give him his shot later on, because he'd disappeared on me. After looking everywhere, I finally found him upstairs in a corner behind the movie shelves. He is sure giving me a hard time today! Haha.

Sophie & Roxy

It was a rainy start to the morning, but turned into a very nice sunny day! The girls were at the front of the yard, keeping an eye on the neighborhood. They met me at the back door and came inside. The girls both hopped on the couch with me for awhile today. Sophie rolled on her back and sprawled out across my lap, giving me kisses as I tried to pet her. Roxie pawed at me for pets from the other side. The girls went and nibbled a little bit on their food before they decided it was time for naps. Roxie laid in her chair and Sophie crashed next to me, hanging her head off the edge of the couch. Goofy girl! She got her pill for today and I sent them out with a snack when it was time.