Saturday, July 15, 2017


This morning I came in and spotted Felixx right away. He was all sprawled out at the top of the stairs. He made me giggle when he started sliding himself down each step and would "plop" down to the next one! Goofy cat. Felixx came down right away to say hi and we got him his breakfast. He followed me up the stairs while I went to fill his water and scoop his box. Back downstairs, I started grabbing different toys to see what one he wanted to play with. He wasn't amused with my first several choices. I should've known it was the simple string that would've been the winner! Haha! Felixx had fun pouncing on it and wrestling around. He would go off and hide beside the recliner so he could stalk it and attack his prey. He sure didn't get bored of that!

Noell & Navi

This morning Noell was right at the door to see me. Navi came in as soon as she heard me, and the girls sat at their bowls to wait for their breakfast. While they ate, I filled their dishes and scooped their box quick. I got back to the door and saw Noell was sitting inside, watching for my return. Haha. The girls came and got a few pets. Noell went to hide behind the side table to stalk the fishy toy. Navi sprawled out on the rug and gave it a few swats as well. Later, she hopped up on the couch behind me and started playing with the box. Noell ventured out to the patio. Miss Navi was ready for her treats when she knew it was time!