Friday, July 14, 2017

Noell & Navi

This morning Noell was first to greet me in the kitchen. She circled around me and talked to me while I got her breakfast ready. I saw Navi all wide eyed and staring at me through the back door. Haha! I dropped the food off for Noell and went out to scoop their box. Navi greeted me out on the patio with some loud meows! She made me laugh. I stopped to pet her, then worked on my stuff. I headed in and Navi continued to meow loudly out on the patio. I started to wonder if the kitty door was blocked or something, but then she came in. Silly girl. The girls both came over to sit by me for some attention. I got their fishy out and we played with that awhile. The girls really love the new rug! It allowed Noell to do plenty of zooms and Navi was leaping high into the air to try and catch the fish. They sure had fun!