Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning both boys were already in the kitchen waiting for me. Oreo was hanging out on the chair meowing at me.  Stuffy was sitting by the stand next to the fridge. As I headed in, suddenly I saw him race to the back door. Charlie was there, peeking in through the doors at us. I got the boys their food, then snuck out by Charlie for a couple minutes. He enjoyed some scratches before his breakfast. After that, the boys met me in the living room for awhile. Oreo snuggled up by me on one side and Stuffy sat on the other for his brushes. This evening I came in and didn't see anyone. I called for both boys and started getting dinner ready. I felt something fuzzy brushing up against my leg. Oreo came to see me! He didn't want to eat his pill for me though and soon wandered off. I found him in the bedroom, so I brought it in there on a plate for him. I found Stuffy sitting at the top of the stairs. I brought his dinner up with me and he got some pets as he ate. Oreo came up to join us. I had to keep following the boys tonight because they kept wandering off on me! Haha. Before I left I checked Oreo's plate and he had eating his pill snack for me. Yay!