Saturday, December 2, 2017

Hudson, Gabi & Prue

This morning I let the little ones out and then miss Prue. They all ran out to the grass to do their business. It was a little cool this morning, so Gabi was huddled by the door a little while. But, the sun was out and already warming things up. I got Prue's ball and we got some fetch in. Hudson was off exploring in the corner of the yard. I had to scold him once cause he was trying to pull on the chain link. What a goof! Prue was later on point, ready to stalk something. I couldn't see what she was looking at. Then, she was chasing after birds flying overhead. I let them stay out inside this morning. Prue is definitely doing better and not squatting often like she was last time. This afternoon was gorgeous outside! The pups pottied for me, then we went in to get their food. After lunch, Prue and I played fetch until she got warm and pooped out. Gabi was just loving the sunshine and was rolling herself all over the grass. Haha! Hudson even did some sunbathing in between his roaming. Since they did well this morning, I let them stay loose inside again. This evening all was well at the house. They did great! It was still quite nice out, so we spent the time out back. Hudson was off on patrol. I called him now and again and he'd run over for some pets. Prue got plenty of heiny scratches and ear rubs before she wandered off to explore too. Gabi roamed a little, then hung out by the door until it was time to head in. I tucked them in for the night with a cookie. Gabi had had a few kibbles left from lunch and I had put her bowl on the counter. As I was getting them their bedtime snacks, I saw the bowl was empty. So, I guess someone was counter surfing this afternoon. Hmmm... wonder who that was? Haha. I'm actually impressed that the bowl was still up there!

Murdy & Guthrie

Today the boys were pawing on the glass when they saw me walking up. Haha. I came in and said hi to them. Murdy stayed for a few pets, then we headed to the kitchen. Guthrie immediately went and pawed on the office door. I guess he was ready to play! I got their food ready and took care of their things. I went and got the feather toy for Guthrie. Not long after that, the boys were off eating their food. Guthrie came over to snuggle a bit and get some pets. Murdy chased the toy a few minutes and then was either on his perch or upstairs on the railing post.