Saturday, December 24, 2016


Today Murdy was meowing at me inside while I was opening the door. He followed along to the kitchen as usual. He waited on the counter while I got his food ready. I tried to give him his pill, but he kept getting it and spitting it out on me this morning. Third time was the charm though! He went and snacked on his food as I took care of his other things. When I went to get his toy, he quickly zoomed into the room ahead of me. He swatted the feathers all the way to our spot. Murdy was quite the lovey boy this morning. He came and sat in my lap for some pets and purred away. He even purred the whole time while he was chasing and batting at his toy! Haha! He had a blast.

Micah, Henry, Houston, Charlie, Smudge & Finn

Today Smudge and Charlie were hiding out somewhere again. When I walked in today, I saw the other four hanging out in the living room. Up to mischief, no doubt! Haha. Finn and Houston were sitting on top of the kitty tower together. Finn hopped down as soon as I came in and came running over to say hi. Micah had been sitting just below the kitty tower, and Henry was making his way to come say hi as well. Finn followed me all over this morning while I went looking for the other two. As I checked under the bed, she sat up on it and looked down at me curiously. "Whatcha doing?" After I cleaned and filled dishes, I got Micah his food. Miss Finn was relentless at trying to get at it. Finally, she gave up and sat on the other counter and just watched. As soon as he finished, she was right there though! Micah wasn't quite as interested in his food today, so she and Henry had a little feast.

Bella & Chico

This morning I let the pups out right away. They both ran out to do their business. It was a foggy morning, but not as cold as yesterday. It was quite nice out. Later, Chico was all curled up on the blanket on the couch, taking a little snooze. Miss Bella was busy exploring outside for awhile. She'd come in to get some attention now and then. Chico came over to snuggle on the chair with me and that got Bella all jealous. She settled down once she got her belly rubs. Later on, she ate some breakfast. This afternoon was quite warm out! Both pups spent quite a bit of time out back running around and exploring. This evening, they went out and did their business after I let them out. Bella would come to see me for her pets every few minutes. Chico would come once in awhile too. He eventually stayed and snuggled with me in the chair. Bella had some dinner before bedtime.

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning some excited pups greeted me at the door. I let them all out for their potty breaks. The girls were first to come in. It was a foggy morning, but much warmer than yesterday. Gabbie had one of her sneezing fits while we waited for Hudson. Haha. Once he came in, it was time to get their breakfast. Everyone ate well. In fact, Gabbie and Hudson were little stinkers and tried to go for Zel's food. I got them to go out so she could finish in peace. After they ate, it was back outside. Hudson was busy on patrol. After a little while, the girls were ready to come in. Miss Zel curled up in her blankie under the tree while Gabbie sat by me for pets. Soon, Gabbie joined her and they were giving each other kisses. So sweet! This evening, the pups announced my arrival. I let them out for their potty break. After everyone ate, they went back out to play. I couldn't see any of them, but could hear them rustling around in the leaves. Hudson and the neighbor dog exchanged words again tonight. The girls both raced over to back him up. I had them all come in a little after that so they weren't being too loud. Hudson made sure to go and lick all the bowls thoroughly, ya know, in case there were any leftovers. Haha. He and Gabbie sat by me for some attention until it was time to go.