Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Micah, Henry, Houston, Charlie, Smudge & Finn

Today I came in and heard someone meowing loudly. I found Finn locked in one of the bathrooms. She raced out quickly and ran off to hide. Houston walked out from the kids bedroom to come say hi. I went to the master room and found Micah and Henry both lounging on the bed. Smudge was hanging out in the other kids room. I saw she was mad at the world today. Haha! The only one I didn't see today was Charlie. I looked around for him but didn't see him. While I was walking around, I could hear Finn talking to me. I'd meow back at her and she'd meow some more. She eventually came out. She slowly walked up and got a few pets. After that, she was brushing up against my legs and hopping on the counter for more. Finn was still a little nervous, but I'm sure that'll go away soon. I got Micah out his food and he worked on that. He ate very well. Henry and Finn finished up his leftovers. While they ate, I cleaned up Smudge's spot and litter boxes. Everyone seems to be doing great so far!


Today I came in and Murdy was making his way to the door. He stopped to do a big stretch, then followed me to the kitchen. Murdy took his pill for me, then supervised while I got his canned food out. He went to work on his food and I did my things. Murdy helped me in the office and got his toy. He came to sit with me at our spot and enjoyed a few pets. Soon, he was busy swatting and pouncing on his feather toy. I would toss it up on the couch and he'd race up there quick to get it. It wasn't long before he was ready for some more pets.