Friday, October 21, 2016

Billie, Roxie, & the gang

This evening I came in and let the girls out right away. After I checked the fence quick, I went in and started getting their dinner ready. Oreo got some lettuce and carrots to munch on while I did that. The girls came in and I let them eat while I fed Pip and checked on the kitties. I opened the door and.... Pip isn't a squeak anymore! Haha! I guess it's been awhile, cause he got so big! Also to my surprise, Chili was right there with him to greet me. She got some chin rubs as I stood there, since I didn't know if she'd disappear under the bed right away or not. I got Pip in the bathroom to eat his dinner, and Chili hung out with me for a little bit longer for some attention. I left the room to go let the pups back out. Neither of them had touched their dinners. Maybe they were holding out for the good stuff! I let them back out to play, then went to let Pip out. He and I got some play time in this evening. Pepper was hanging out in her throne at the top of the kitty tower. Salt, I could see, was sitting up in the bed frame. Pip chased the kitty toy around for awhile and came over to check me out too. He kept sniffing the air in my direction. Haha! When it was time, I let the girls back inside and I got them some sausage to mix in with their food. Sure enough, they both started eating right away.


Today I came in and Murdy was sitting on the bottom step. He followed along and hopped on the kitchen counter to say hi as I read notes quick. I topped off his food, got him some fresh water and scooped his boxes quick. Murdy wanted to come help me get his toy out too. In the living room, I sat down and we got right to play time. Murdy was having a blast pouncing and sliding around on the floor after his feathers! He'd quickly run and hide behind me to get a sneak attack. Then, he'd bounce off to the dining area to hideout, but I'd hear him chirping at the feathers like it was a bird he was watching. Haha! We had fun today!

Eisley & Indy

This morning I had a little scare and couldn't get the opener to work at first. I kept messing with it and it eventually opened for me. Whew! I went in and the pups were waiting, since they knew I was here for a little bit. Haha. They were eager to get their breakfast. I filled their dishes and waited for them to finish. Indy headed back outside right away again, so Eisley enjoyed some pets on her own. After a little bit, Indy came in and got some attention as well. They each got their cookies before I left. This evening, the opener acted up again, but I got it to open again for me. Worst case, I'll just go run and get a new battery for it. But hopefully it'll work once more in the morning for me.  The pups waited patiently as I filled their dishes for dinner. While they ate, I got them some more water. Indy ran outside to go explore and bark at something. I sat on the step by the door to pet Eisley. I heard a sound behind me that startled me. I later realized it was the kitty scratching at the door. I guess kitty wanted some pets too! Haha. It kept meowing to me. Even Indy had to bark when he heard it scratch. He had returned for some attention, and of course his cookie.

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning was super chilly out! I came in and let the pups outside to do their business. It didn't take long for them to line up at the door to come in and eat. Gabbie took a little convincing though, as she was on the hunt again by the dog house. Everyone ate well this morning. Zel was last to finish, so the rest of us headed outside while we waited for her. She came out once she was done. I didn't think the girls would want to be out for very long. To my surprise, Hudson was one of the two that wanted back in after a little bit! Haha. Gabbie was busy searching, so she must not have noticed the cold today. The other two and I went inside. Brrr! Hudson sat in my lap the rest of the time, pawing at me for pets. Zel would come over to get some too as she sniffed at other animal smells on me. Soon, it was time to go. I was going to let the other two back out for another potty break before bed. Zel actually didn't even want to go back out and climbed in her blankie instead. Haha.

Shadow & Lucy

Today I came in and Lucy greeted me with some meows right away. Shadow was sitting in his chair. I went to say hi to him quick too, before getting their breakfast ready. I looked over as I filled their dishes and saw he was sitting on the table by all the Halloween stuff, so I had to get a picture quick! Haha. He looked perfect up there. Of course, I realized he was just letting me know where his treats were. He cracks me up. After I took care of their box, I went to sit in the living room with them to play. Lucy didn't stay long and she went to the front room to do some bird watching. It was a good morning for it, cause I noticed a bunch of them were out there as I came in. Shadow went and checked out my shoes, then came back and played just a little. He got his snacks, then went to bird watch at the front door. I noticed he found a comfy spot to lay... on top of my shoes! Haha!