Thursday, November 10, 2016

Noell & Navi

This morning Noell was standing in the laundry room doorway when I walked in. She must have heard the garage open. She brushed up against the doorway while I grabbed dishes and started getting  their food ready. After a little bit I heard Navi come in from the patio. The girls both ate well for me. Afterwards, Navi followed me to the bathroom and she went pee. She seems to be routine about that now. Haha! We went to the living room and the girls both came over for a few pets. Noell wandered down the hall and returned later to sit and watch Navi playing. I moved the scratching post and she was peeking through the hole at me and pawing at her mouse toy. Noell came back for a few more pets, then she pawed at the blue kitty stick toy. She chased after that for a few minutes, then decided to go sit outside. I took Navi to the bathroom again before I left, but she didn't have to go.