Friday, November 24, 2017

Murdy & Guthrie

Guthrie pawed against the glass as I unlocked the door again today. I got the boys their food and Guthrie tried to help. I moved their dishes to the laundry room, but they didn't follow this time. I took care of my stuff, then the boys helped me get their toy out. Murdy raced up his kitty tower to sit up there and watch below. Guthrie came over for some pets. The boys both disappeared to nibble a bit on their food. After that, Murdy ran upstairs. Guthrie thought it was his turn today to go sit up above the kitchen cabinets. Haha. He stayed up there quite awhile! I noticed he was squinting his left eye a bit today. Later before I left it seemed to be ok though. They will be happy to have mom and dad home soon!

Hudson, Gabi & Prue

This morning the pups all met me at the door. Everyone looked whole and happy, so they did well overnight. Haha. I let them out for their breaks quick. They came in for breakfast and everyone ate well. I later found that Prue had had an accident overnight. It was big dog sized, so I knew it was her. I got that all cleaned up and let the kids back outside. Prue ran straight for her bone and chewed on that. Gabi was soon shivering at the door, so I let her in. Of course, the other two had to follow. Haha. We stayed in with her for a few minutes, then Prue and Hudson went back out. Hudson quickly stole the bone away, so Prue and I got some fetch in instead. This afternoon was super nice outside. I let everyone out of their crates and we all headed out back. The pups all explored a bit. Prue found her bone again. She was being sassy towards Hudson about it, so I put it out of reach inside. Prue and I got some more fetch time in until she told me we was finished. Gabi sat in the grass and sunbathed. This evening the pups met me at the door again. Everyone did well and no accidents. They did their thing and came in for dinner. After they finished, it was time to play outside and enjoy the comfortable evening. Hudson was off barking and chasing things in the dark. Prue is even harder to see than he is! Haha. She came over for plenty of heiny scratches tonight, especially when Gabi would come by me. When it was time, they came in and I tucked them in their beds.

Oreo & Stuffs

Oreo on chair, stuff bedroom doorway. Stuffy eat there, Oreo nibble kitchen. Sit by fire, stuff come goin, boys take naps. This morning Oreo was on his chair and Stuffy was in the bedroom doorway again. I got breakfast ready and delivered Stuffy's plate to him. Oreo worked on his in the kitchen. After the boys ate, they were ready for some snuggle time. They each curled up next to me on either side in front of the fireplace. They got warm as I brushed and pet them. Before long, they were both napping. This evening Oreo met me in the kitchen to help get dinner ready. I went to go find Stuffy while Oreo ate. He was lounging on the bed. Oreo awaited my return in the living room. Stuffy joined us when he finished eating. The boys got into position for their pamper time. Oreo didn't stay too long tonight and went to go sit by the windows for awhile.