Thursday, November 17, 2016


This evening I came in and didn't see Shadow. I called for him a few times while I got his dinner ready. Still no Shadow. He must have been napping pretty good! Eventually, as I was just finishing up chopping his food, he came wandering out. He ran along behind me while I got his treats out. Shadow snacked on those quick, then he followed me to the bathroom to check on his litter box. Once we left there, he went to go eat his food. Shadow came and checked me out. He then climbed to the top of his tower to give himself a bath. Shadow came back down again to get some playtime in with his kitty rope toy. He was having a blast rolling around on the couch and tackling it. Later on, Shadow snacked on more food, then sat and looked out his window. As I was leaving, he was getting all spunky and was racing from one tower to another. Haha.