Sunday, December 10, 2017

Kylo, Bu, Panda & Tatty

Today I came in and Kylo was hanging over the gate as usual, eager to see who had arrived. He was all excited to see me. I let the little ones out first and they went out to do their thing. I made sure to wait them out this time and they both headed back to finish up. Kylo ran out when it was his turn. He got me today and gave me a nice gut punch when I wasn't expecting it. Haha. Booger! He came in and we played with his toys for a bit. This afternoon it was beautiful out. Panda and Bu took some extra time out back to enjoy it. When they came in, I let Kylo run out there while I took care of Tatty's things. She came out when the coast was clear to get some pets. I was on my way to let Kylo back in and he made me laugh, because he was peering in through the kitchen window, watching for me! Haha. He came in and we got some fetch time in while Tatty was safe up on her perch. This evening the pups went out to do their business. Bu tried to pull a fast one on me. I told them they needed to go back out to finish going potty. Panda did, but Bu was not having it. Finally, she walked out to the stoop, waited a second, then came back in. "See, I went out again!" Haha. Kylo went out and I filled food and water dishes while he was busy. When he came in, he found his ball and we played our game. When it was time for bed, I sent him in and gave them each a bedtime cookie.