Thursday, December 28, 2017

Oreo & Stuffy

This evening I came in and started getting dinner ready. I called for the boys, but didn't see anyone. I checked and found them lounging on the bed. I brought them their food and they both ate for me. After dinner, I sat with them to give them attention. Stuff got up and left, and Oreo seemed irritated. Not now! Haha. So, I went and turned the fire on. Stuffy came to snuggle up by me and stretched himself out. He purred away and took his little nap while I brushed him.

Sophie & Roxie

Today I arrived and saw Roxie getting up out of her bed. She stretched her way to the door and Sophie was following along behind. The girls came in and waited while I filled their dishes. They came over for some snuggles and pets. Sophie hopped up on the couch and got her belly rubs, while Roxie was getting some ear rubs. Soon, they worked up their appetite. The girls went to eat, then came back to the living room. They were all spunky again. Roxie kept nudging Sophie with her nose. Come on, play! Haha. Roxie retired to her chair and Sophie came to sit with me again until it was time to head back out.