Thursday, June 1, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo met me in the kitchen as usual. Stuff was sitting in his guard post, watching for Charlie. I got breakfast ready for the boys and went out to fill Charlie's bowl. Just as I was doing that, he hopped up on the counter! I gave him a few hello pets and then he went to work on his food. Stuffy had started eating his food before he spotted Charlie, so that was good. As soon as I came back in though, he saw him and stopped. Silly boy! Oreo could care less. Haha. He joined me in our spot and snuggled up to me for some chin rubs. I tried to get Stuffy to eat some more for me and ended up having to get him to eat some treats instead. He got his medicine and then continued his patrol. This evening Oreo met me in the dining room. He followed along behind to the kitchen and helped me get his dinner. After he had his medicine he snacked on his food. I grabbed the other plate and went on the hunt for Stuffy, since he didn't come when I called for him. I found him lounging on the ottoman by the window in the bedroom tonight. I fed him and he scarfed down every bit. Oreo came in there by us to get some pets as he waited. Stuffy then went to sit under the bench at the end of the bed. Goofy! Oreo didn't mind getting all the attention. Haha.