Friday, October 13, 2017

Noell & Navi

This morning I came in and the girls made their way to see me. They waited for breakfast and went to work when it was delivered to them. I did my things quick and met them back at our spot. Navi crawled in my lap and turned herself upside down again. I guess that's her new favorite thing! Haha. Noell came in and got some pets before she was ready to chase her feather toy. They were snuggly today and weren't too into playing. Navi spent most of the time snuggled in my lap and Noell laid by my side.

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening I came in and started getting dinner ready for the boys as I called for them. Stuffy wandered in and sat by the back door. I brought his plate to him and went to look for Oreo. He was lounging on the bed. I gave him his pill and then went to take care of their box. I went to the living room and Stuffy came to join me. He snuggled up with me for some brush time. While we sat there, I saw the new kitty strolling across the yard to go get some food. I tried to go out and see it, but it ran away.

Sophie & Roxy

Today I came in and spotted the girls laying out in the grass, soaking up some sunshine. It felt like summer out there today! They came in and got comfy in their spots while I got them their food. Sophie ran over when I sat down to get some pets. The girls both had some food, then as usual, it was naptime. Sophie stole Roxy's chair today, so Roxy went and laid on the bed. The girls snoozed until it was time to head back outside. They'll be happy to have mom and dad back soon!