Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo came racing down the stairs to meet me in the kitchen. I started getting their food ready and spotted Stuffy coming in to sit by the back door. I looked out the window and saw Charlie was out there! I went out to give him some pets and filled his dish. Both boys were now sitting and watching through the window. I came in and got Stuffy to eat a little bit, but he was more concerned with watching Charlie. I went and sat with Oreo to give him some attention. Later, I heard Stuffy working on his food again. Yay! He wandered in when he was finished and got his medicine. This evening I came in and Oreo danced around by my feet as he waited for dinner. Stuffy was sitting by the trash can waiting for his plate too. I went out to feed Charlie next and saw Shannon out there. Haha. I went back inside and the boys were ready and waiting for me. They laid on either side and loved up their brushes and chin and belly rubs!