Friday, January 20, 2017

Noell & Navi

Today the girls were waiting in the kitchen for me as usual. They ate their breakfast once it was ready and I filled their other dishes. Navi and I headed to the bathroom when she finished. She didn't want to do anything for me. Neither had used the toilet at all this week, with having the option of the box out there. I went and changed the liner in that. Navi came out and helped. Back inside, Noell was waiting for me. The girls were pretty snuggly today!

Billie, Roxy and the gang

Tonight I came in and let the girls out back. I went in by the kitties next. I spotted Rudy and Chili napping on the bed together. He's so cute! Pip came right up to say hi. Salt was sitting on the kitty tower. Salt got some pets first, then I went to visit with Rudy and Chili. Chili was loving up some chin rubs! She sat with her head laying in my hand the whole time so I wouldn't stop. Pip came and hopped on the bed by them while I was playing with Rudy. The boys both chased the feather toy around. Pepper was hanging out under the bed tonight. When it was time, I let the pups back inside. They were having fun bouncing around on the couch before bed. Haha.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and saw Stuffs sitting in the dining room. He got up and started to head for the kitchen. Oreo was already in there waiting for me. I got him his pill, then got their breakfast ready. Stuffy sat at the edge of the living room and didn't come eat, so I brought his food to him. He did nibble a little for me, so that made me feel better. He got his shot, then it was brush time. This evening Oreo met me in the kitchen again. I called for Stuffy but didn't see him. Oreo got his medicine and started working on his dinner. I found Stuffy napping in his cat bed in the closet. I carried him into the kitchen and he snacked on his food. I turned the fire on for the boys and Stuffy went to sit by it. I sprinkled some dry food kibbles on the floor in front of him and he ate those for me too. Stuffy got his insulin. He was in heaven, warming by the fire and getting his brushes. Oreo was sitting by us, then he got up and went to go eat some more.