Sunday, December 3, 2017

Hudson, Gabi & Prue

This morning it was already very nice out. I came in and let the pups all out back. Gabi and Hudson were thinking it was time to head in and eat again. But, they soon realized we were on their usual schedule and wandered off. I got Prue's ball and she got some fetch time in. We played until she didn't return with the ball. She went to go help Hudson explore. They had some fun chasing each other around a bit too! This afternoon it was so nice out! The pups did well loose in the house since the morning. Gabi rolled around in the grass and then ran off to go check things out. Prue and I played with her football. That's so much easier to throw than the red ball! Haha. Hudson was lounging in the grass some of the time, then he was checking things out along the fenceline and by the shed. They came in for some lunch, then it was back out to play. When it was time to come in, Prue thought it was fun to try and race Hudson! Haha. This evening was still pretty warm, but super windy. Gabi wasn't a fan and huddled by the door. The other two were off exploring in the dark. They did great loose in the house all day today! This evening I tucked them in their beds after they got their treats and Prue got her pill.