Thursday, January 26, 2017

Noell & Navi

This morning the girls were strolling into the kitchen as I walked in. Navi meowed at me and Noell sat by her food bowl to wait. After she finished eating, I carried her to the bathroom to try and do her thing. Next, it was Navi's turn. Neither did anything for me. Navi came out to supervise while I changed the lining in one of the boxes. The girls met me inside for some attention time. Noell got her pets and Navi zoomed around chasing her kitty toy. After Noell went out to the patio, Navi sat at the door to watch her a bit. Before I left, the girls tried again to do their business.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and started getting breakfast for the boys. Oreo went to work right away and I brought Stuffy his food. He ate well for me this morning too. After he finished, Stuffy went and sat on the stairs. I sat with him and gave him his brushing session and his injection. Oreo was still waiting in his spot for me. I took some time to sit with him and gave him his attention time too. This evening Stuffy was sitting in the dining room and Oreo was making his way down the stairs. I met Oreo in the kitchen and got his dinner together. He decided to hop on the counter and eat his treats first. Haha. Stuffy was sitting on the stairs, so I brought his plate to him there. He ate well again this evening. After he finished I sat with him there to brush him awhile. I met Oreo by the fireplace later on. He didn't stay long though and got up to go eat his food.