Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This morning the pups went outside and I got them some breakfast and Billie some clean bedding. The girls came in to eat. Roxy keeps looking at Billie's pill treat ball like she wants one. Haha. I checked on Zoi and Zephyr next and applied Zephyr's medicine. They make me laugh when they're at the top of their house and are bucking around like fuzzy little horses. Haha! The girls went back out to enjoy the morning and I went to check on the kitties. Rudy was attached to me as always, just dying for some attention. Crazy little man. Haha. I grabbed their string and we played a bit with that. We got out the laser light for some fun this morning as well. This evening I came in to let the pups do their business. Billie had drank her entire bucket of water and had peed just as much in her bed. Poor girl! I cleaned up her bed and then got them their dinner. The girls ate well. I fed the guineas their yummy fresh food. They crunched away while I cleaned their bed. After the girls went back outside, I went to visit the boys a bit. Pepper and Salt were hiding under the bed as usual, but Pip and Rudy were ready for some playtime. Soon, it was time to let the girls in. I gave Billie some extra bedding for tonight.