Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sadie, Chloe & Patches

This evening I came in and saw Patches lounging on the back of the couch. She meowed at me as I let Sadie in. Sadie was going crazy, excited as could be! I got her her dinner and got some for Patches as well. I went to scoop the litter box quick and called for Chloe. When I got back to the living room, I saw she was sitting next to the dining table. Patches came up on the table and got a couple pets. I went and sat on the floor in the living room and Sadie immediately snuggled up to me. She got her pets and chest scratchies. Chloe came over for some love too. In no time, Sadie was laying on her back getting her belly rubs! Before I left, she got a couple bedtime cookies.

Micah, Henry, Houston, Charlie, Smudge & Finn

Today I walked in and Finn scrambled from out behind the Keurig. I guess I startled her! Haha. Not sure if she was napping back there or what. Houston was in the living room, along with Micah sitting  next to the tree. I went looking around for the others quick. Henry appeared on the dining room table. Not sure where he came from. I didn't see the other two today. I did see Smudge yesterday though. Charlie must have a good spot in a closet or something! I got Micah his food and kept the others from trying to take over while he ate. Finn and Houston gave up and started wrestling around on the floor instead. Haha. Henry and Finn finished up after Micah was done. Houston and Finn were quite spunky today and were having a blast chasing each other around!


Today Murdy was making his way down the hall to see me when I got there. He meowed and led the way to the kitchen. Murdy took his medicine and helped me get his food ready. While he ate, I cleaned his box and filled his other dishes. I went and got his toy, then we headed to our spot. Murdy got some snuggles and pets in, then was ready for playtime. He leapt and pounced on the feathers and had a blast. Later on, he was in a lovey mood again and kept coming over for attention. He even climbed up on my shoulders and sat there awhile, purring away! He never does that! Haha.