Friday, November 4, 2016

Billie, Roxy & the gang

Tonight I let Billie and Roxy out right away when I arrived. I got their dinners ready while they did their thing. The girls came in and I brought their food to their room. Roxy decided to go in Billie's bed with her. Haha. I finally got her to come out and go into her own. I fed Oreo while they were busy, then brought Pip his dinner. Pip was right at the door and Chili was sitting behind him, with Salt on the chair arm. Pepper was lounging in her usual spot, her throne at the top of the tower. Haha. I put Pip in the bathroom to eat and Chili came over for some chin rubs. I sat and pet her for a bit. Have to take advantage of that when she lets me! I let the girls back outside to play and do their business. I scooped the kitty boxes and Chili came back for even more attention. Pip was letting me know he was done, so I let him out and he got some playtime in. Soon, it was time to let the girls in and tuck them in bed. They hadn't eaten their dinners for me, so hopefully they'll snack tonight.

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening I came in and Oreo came running down the stairs. He met me in the kitchen and immediately started brushing up against my leg. I set his pill down for him and saw that Stuffy had wandered in as well. The boys snacked on dinner and I went to clean their box. Stuffy went to go sit on a chair in the dining room as I took the trash out front. Oreo was in the living room waiting for me. I brought him his treats and sat down. Oreo snuggled up next to me for awhile and enjoyed his pets and chin rubs, purring away. Stuffy later came in and laid by us. He rolled to his side for some belly rubs. Oreo worked on treats and later went and sat by the windows. That seems to be his thing lately! Haha. He came back for more chin rubs too.