Friday, May 12, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This morning it was raining again pretty good. I came and let the girls out back. They pottied and huddled under the roof of the patio to stay dry. I got them breakfast and they worked on that while I tried to feed Chili. She kept hopping down off the bed on me, so I took her to the bathroom again and sat with her. I went and let the girls back out quick and came back to Chili. It took a little coaxing, but she did lick at the food. I think she mostly got the gravy though, and didn't really eat any of the bits. She'd stop and move to a different spot, so I'd move the plate back by her again. She'd lick a little more and move again. We did that for a little while until she was for sure finished. Pip and Rudy kept trying to stick their paws under the door or would just paw right on the door. "Let us in!!!" Haha! They crack me up. This evening I let the girls out to potty while I got dinner ready. They came in to eat while I got the kitties their yums. As the girls went back out to enjoy the evening, I brought Chili some of the milk. She sure likes that! She lapped up the tablespoon I got her, so I went and got a little more. She licked up a bit more of that, but not much. Then, she went and curled up on her kitty bed. I turned the laser light on for the boys. Salt and Pepper were in their hangout under the bed. Since I felt better about Chili eating, I went out by the girls to visit with them a bit until it was time to head in. I went to shut things off by the kitties and Pepper had moved up to her perch. Salt was just heading back under the bed. I gave Pepper a few chin rubs before I left.

Chupie & U-turn

Today I came in and took care of Chupie's litter box and filled her dishes. I went out to the garage to see if U-turn was out there, but she wasn't. Hopefully I'll get to see her tomorrow! I got her her canned food and gave her some fresh food and water as well. Back inside, I found little Chupie hiding out in her usual spot, under the couch. She was tucked back just far enough that I couldn't get a picture of her. I talked to her for a bit, but as usual she didn't want to come out for me. We'll try again tomorrow.