Monday, October 17, 2016

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning the kiddos were excited to see me. They jumped around as we headed to the back door. Once they all finished their business, we came in and got breakfast ready. All three finished quickly and it was back out to play. It was another beautiful morning! The girls explored over by the shed and Hudson sat in the middle of the yard... just waiting. He was listening and watching intently for anything fun to go chase after! He spent some time messing around in his corner too, trying to scare out birds from the bushes. This evening Gabbie and Hudson were bouncing around in their beds, letting me know not to forget to let them out! Haha. The pups ran into the darkness to go do their thing. They lined back up at the door once they finished. They all waited in the kitchen while I got dinner ready. I guess I wasn't moving fast enough, cause Zel started to yell at me! Haha. The kids worked on their dinner. Hudson and Gabbie finished first, so I was going to let them out. Naughty Hudson tried to sneak a bite of Zel's food on the way. Stinker! The pups all had fun exploring out in the dark tonight. When it was time to come in, I had to go out and round them up. They were after some fun stuff I guess! It was super windy out today and the chair cushions were out in the yard, so I brought them back and weighed them down. The house was a bit warm tonight so I turned on the air for the pups as well. Everyone is doing great!

Noell & Navi

This morning it took a minute, then Navi made her way to the kitchen to see me. Noell came in from outside to join us. I mixed in Navi's medicine and made sure she ate from that bowl. After the girls were done, I took Navi to her potty. She sniffed around, but didn't do anything. There were no messes today though... so far so good! The girls came to get some attention in the living room. Noell didn't stay too long and went back outside. Can't blame her, it was beautiful out! Navi hid around the corner behind her mouse scratching post. She batted at her mouse toy as I'd toss it over to her. Navi took breaks to come get some pets as well.