Monday, October 16, 2017

Noell & Navi

This morning I came in and the ladies wandered into the kitchen to greet me. Ready for their breakfast, they sat patiently at their bowls. I fed them and went to go scoop their box. The girls lined up for their pets as usual when I returned. Noell had some fun chasing her toy this morning. Navi snuggled for awhile, then went to go check things out in the front window. Noell stayed with me and laid next to me for her pets the rest of the time.

Oreo & Stuffy

This morning I came in and Oreo was lounging on his chair again. He reached a paw out to me to say hi. He hopped down and followed me to the kitchen to rub his face on the back of my leg as he waited. Stuffy ventured in and sat by the back door. I gave them their food and did my things. I met the boys in the living room and they snuggled up to me for their attention time. Oreo didn't stay too long and wandered off. Stuffy stayed put and took a little snooze as he got brushed.