Thursday, July 20, 2017


Today Felixx seemed surprised when I opened the door. He was at the bottom of the stairs and gave me a meow when he saw me. He helped me in the kitchen while I filled up his food. Felixx tagged along upstairs with me as well. He decided it was a good time to use his box while he was up there. Haha. We came downstairs to visit awhile. He got some brush time in and itched his face all over it. Then, we played with the string and stick next. He laid on his side and stuck his paws in the air to grab at it as it flew by overhead.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning the boys were both in the dining room when I came in. They headed their own way into the kitchen to meet me. Both boys sat by my feet while I got their breakfast ready. They ate well and went to wait for me in the living room when they were done. Charlie wasn't out back this morning, so Stuffy didn't need to keep watch. They sat on either side of me for some attention time. Stuffy didn't stay the whole time this morning and ventured off elsewhere. This evening I came in and Stuffy was sitting in the entryway. He meowed at me as I stopped to pet him hello. I made my way to the kitchen and found Oreo hanging out on one of the chairs by the back door. He stayed there for a bit, then came into the kitchen to help me. Stuffy went to keep an eye out for his friend. The boys got their dinner while I worked on the rest of their things. Oreo was sitting in the living room by his little catnip pillow, waiting for me. I sat down and he promptly snuggled up next to me. Stuffy wandered in and sat with his back to me for some brushes. It was Oreo who didn't stay long tonight and wandered off. Stuffy laid on his side and took a little snooze while he got his brushes.

Noell & Navi

This morning Noell came to meet me in the kitchen. She wandered in her circles while she waited. I saw Navi staring at me through the back door. She always makes me laugh with her big eyes! She eventually came in to eat once I brought their food over. I scooped their box and came back in. Noell was just sitting there waiting for me. She came over for a little attention. Navi came into the living room and sprawled out on the rug. I got the fishy out and Noell started to play. She zoomed around and Navi tried to swat at her when she'd get close. Noell had her fun, then went to go sit out on the patio. Navi got up to eat some more and do some window watching for awhile. She returned just in time for treats!