Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Noell & Navi

This morning the girls both met me in the kitchen. They were ready for their breakfast. The girls sat by their food bowls, waiting patiently. I got Navi her probiotics and made sure she ate from that bowl. After they finished, the girls followed me down the hall. Navi came in and hopped on the toilet to check things out. She didn't do anything, so I put her back up there a few more times. Nothing. We went to our spot and Noell came over for some pets. Navi sat and watched. The girls were pretty bored with me today. Maybe tomorrow they will want more attention. I had a good laugh at Navi today. Sunlight from the back door was shining in on her tag. Since she was moving, the spot of light was dancing around and she was trying to catch it. Haha! I took Navi back to the bathroom and set her up there several more times. She didn't want to do anything for me today. Hopefully they use it while I'm gone.

Sophie & Roxy

Today I came in and the girls were busy racing to the other side of the yard to bark at something. I called for them and they eventually came running to say hi. The girls came inside and I got them their dinner. They both went to eat right away today. Sophie later came to sprawl out across my lap for her tummy rubs. Roxy laid on her doggie bed for awhile. She hopped up to get a few ear rubs, then went to lounge on her chair. Sophie wandered around checking things out. I think the girls are ready for mom and dad to get home!