Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Noell & Navi

This morning both girls wandered into the kitchen to see me. They waited patiently for their breakfast. The girls ate well and wandered off, each as they finished. Noell went and sat in the living room to wash her face. I took Navi to the bathroom to see if she'd do anything for me. Not this time. I went out back to see if they were using the box out there. There was both pee and poo in there. I left it for today, hoping they'd find it too dirty to use and would go back to the toilet. I'll change it out tomorrow. I took Noell in there to see if she'd use it too, and she didn't have to either. The girls met me in the living room after we finished. They were bored with me today and didn't stay long. I had dug out the mice from under the couch for them. Navi went and sat by the back window for awhile. Later, she did come to play a bit. Noell had ventured on outside to enjoy the weather.