Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sophie & Roxy

Today was another lovely day outside. The girls were roaming around having fun out there when I arrived. They both came racing in to visit me. I filled their dishes and got Sophie her meds. They both got treats, of course, as well! They worked on nibbling on their food while I tried to sweep up the floor a little bit. They sure have been shedding! Haha. After they ate, the girls were both lounging on the couch while they waited for me. I came and sat with them to give them their pets. Roxy didn't stay too long and went to go nap in the bedroom. Sophie crawled across my lap and moved to where Roxy had been sitting. She rolled over onto her back for some belly rubs. Later on, Sophie went to go take a snooze in her bed also. When it was time, we headed out and they got their treats. They will be so happy to see mom and dad soon!