Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sadie, Zoie & Cole

This evening I came in and Sadie was right there to greet me. We made our way to the kitchen and Cole was following along behind. I let Sadie out while I read notes quick. Cole and I headed out back and he did his business quickly. Back inside, I started getting everyone their dinners. Zoie took her turn outside and then came in and everyone ate for me. Sadie went back out to enjoy the evening. I sat in the kitchen with Zoie and she came over for some attention. Then, she went and ate while she had some company. When it was time, I let her out for a last potty break and tucked Cole in for bedtime.

Noell & Navi

The girls met me in the kitchen this morning and promptly went to wait at their bowls for me to deliver their breakfast. The girls ate and I filled their other dishes and took care of their box. Inside, Noell was waiting for me. She laid next to me for some pets while Navi was still eating. I got their laser light out today and had them each zooming around after it. Noell took a break to lay by me and get some more pets as she watched Navi play. Navi was thumping her paws against the side of the couch as she tried to catch the elusive red dot! When it was time, Navi patiently waited for me to drop freebie treats while I filled her toys up for her. Haha!