Sunday, December 25, 2016

Micah, Henry, Houston, Charlie, Smudge & Finn

Today I came in and saw Henry right away. He came over to say hi while I went to look for the others. To my suprise, I only found Micah at first. He was lounging on the bed in one of the kid's rooms. As I was heading to the master bedroom, Houston came running out and took cover under the side table. Silly kitty. Finn was just making her way out as well. I had to go back and get Micah today to bring him to the kitchen. He went to work on his food, while the others sat and drooled. Haha. I didn't see Smudge or Charlie again today.


Today Murdy was right at the door talking to me again. I came in and we headed to the kitchen. He took his pill, then I got him some food. He went and sat in the living room this time while I tended to his other things quick. He raced into the office as usual, to show me where his toy was. Murdy was in quite the playful mood today! He was leaping in the air after his feathers and making me laugh. He sat and watched intensely, then would pounce. He had a blast today! Eventually, he worked up his appetite and went to go work on his canned food.

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning everyone greeted me at the door. We made our way to the back door and they went out to do their thing. Soon, they were back and ready to come in to eat. Hudson was so excited he could barely sit still! Hudson and Gabbie finished first as usual. Gabbie tried sneaking some of Zel's kibbles again, but I caught her trying. Those two went out and Zel came out when she finished. It was windy out this morning, but oh so warm! Since it was so nice outside, all three had fun exploring off in the yard. Eventually it was time to come in. I went to tuck Hudson and Gabbie in and saw that Gabbie had curled up in Hudson's crate with him. Haha! I had to have her come out and go in her own bed. Silly lady!