Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This evening I came in and the pups started barking excitedly. I let them out for a potty break. The girls didn't take long since it was pretty chilly out. Hudson was ready to come in pretty quick too. So, we went in and hung out for awhile. Hudson went around and licked all the bowls. Haha. Gabbie sat by me for some pets. Soon, she and Zel went to go snuggle up in their blankets. Hudson came over and got plenty of chest scratches and pets. Later on, I had them all go out once more before bedtime.

Micah, Henry, Houston, Charlie, Smudge & Finn

Today Finn and Henry were both right at the door to greet me. I saw Houston hiding out under the chair in the living room. All three followed me around while I went to look for others. Smudge was hanging out in the front room today, soaking up some sun. Micah was in his usual spot lounging on the bed. Still didn't see Charlie anywhere. I keep checking other rooms, just in case he got locked in, but never hear or see anything in them. I cleaned boxes and then it was time to get Micah his food. Only Henry tried to make attempts on the counter today. Finn and Houston were busy having their wrestling match on the floor. That was pretty entertaining to watch. Houston has some weight on her, but Finn can sure hold her own! Haha. Micah ate very well. Henry was right there to take care of leftovers. Finn eventually got up there to work on them too.

Sophie & Roxy

Today I didn't see the girls at the gate. I went in and heard them racing to the side of the yard to bark at something. I called for them and it took a minute, but then they lined up at the door. I filled their dishes up, then sat on the couch. Sophie came over for her pets. Roxy sat in her chair.  After a few minutes, the girls went to eat their food. They both ate very well. Sophie finished up first and went and stole her sister's favorite chair. Roxy walked around for a little bit, unsure of what to do. Haha. Eventually, she went and lounged on the bed. Later on, Sophie came and curled up on the couch with me for her belly rubs. Roxy saw that and took her chair back. Silly ladies! Soon, it was time for treats and to head back outside.

Sadie, Chloe & Patches

This morning I came in and saw the kitties lounging in the living room. Chloe was on the back of the recliner and Patches on the couch. I heard Sadie waking up in her room. She came out and went outside for a potty break. I got her some breakfast and she ate while I fed Patches. Then, it was time for pets! Sadie and Chloe sat on either side of me the rest of the time, soaking in all the attention they could get. When it was time, I got Sadie her cookies and had her go outside.


Today Murdy was already at the door and meowing at me when I walked up. I got in and he followed me around until I headed to the kitchen. He was quite talkative while I got his pill and food out! Murdy started snacking on the counter, but I moved him down to his placemat. I tended to his things quick, then we went to get his toy. Murdy came over and got some head and chin rubs first. Then, he was busy pouncing on his toy, while purring away. He was going crazy chasing after it today! He made me laugh.