Saturday, November 12, 2016

Chupi & U-turn

This evening I came in and got things ready for Chupi. I scooped her box and filled her dishes. I got her some yummy canned food as well. I peeked under the bed for her but didn't see her there. I knew where she was hiding out... her usual spot! Sure enough, I found two little eyes peering back at me as I checked under the couch. Since I saw her and knew she was ok, I moved on so as not to stress her out. Next, I went to deposit the kitty litter into the trash. That fake snake on the patio sure got me! Haha. So glad it was fake! I went out to the garage next to gather bowls to fill up. I called for U-turn, but I guess she was out roaming somewhere. Hopefully I'll get to meet her soon!

Noell & Navi

Both girls came strolling towards me when I opened the door this morning. Their synchronization made me laugh! They sat in the kitchen and then paced around their food area while they waited. The girls ate while I filled up their other dishes. Navi followed me to the bathroom afterwards. She didn't want to hop up on her own, so I put her up there. She sniffed a bit, then hopped down. I noticed she was sniffing around on the floor quite a bit, and then noticed she was getting ready... I quickly poured some new litter onto the ring and she hurriedly hopped up to do her business. Phew! That was a close one. After she finished, I changed out the liner and then we went to our spot. Noell came over for a few heiny scratches, then disappeared down the hall. Navi and I got some playtime in with her mouse toy and tunnel. Noell returned to watch for a little bit. She disappeared again not long after. Haha.

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening Oreo strolled out from the dining room to come say hi as I got in. Stuffy was in the exact same spot again, sitting by the end table in the living room. Oreo met me in the kitchen and got his medicine. Stuffy didn't join us this time, and stayed put where he was. Oreo ate while I went to scoop their box. He was sitting in the living room with Stuffy when I was finished. They waited while I filled their treats up. Oreo came to snuggle up next to me as soon as I sat down. Stuffy still didn't move. When Oreo went to go work on his treats, I scooted over by Stuffy to give him some pets. He got up and decided to go eat his portion of the treats instead. Fine then! Haha. He came back to me after he finished his snacks and was now ready for his attention. Both boys sat on either side of me and purred away.