Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo met me at the edge of the living room. I spotted Stuffy lounging in a chair in the office and I stopped to give him a few pets. I went outside to fill Charlie's bowl, but I didn't see him out there. Oreo was waiting patiently for his food. Stuffy had come in and was sitting by the trash can. I fed him there and he nibbled a bit. The boys met me in the living room and I tried to get Stuffy to eat some more. It took a little bit, but then he gobbled it down. The boys enjoyed their pets and brushes. This evening Oreo came down the stairs to meet me in the kitchen. I called for Stuffy, but he didn't come in to eat. Oreo finished eating and went to the living room to wait for me. I sat with him and pet and brushed him for awhile. He purred away. Later, I went to go find Stuffy. He was hanging out upstairs. I brought him his food and he scarfed it down. After he got his medicine, Stuffy enjoyed some brush time too.

Noell & Navi

This morning Navi was in the laundry room waiting for me. She circled around the kitchen as I got her food ready. Noell eventually came in from the patio to join us. The girls ate their breakfast while I scooped their box and filled their other dishes. In the living room they came and sat on either side of me for some pets. After a little while I got their laser light out, but neither was really interested. Navi and I played with her scratching post and her mouse toy. Noell would come by once in awhile to get a few more pets, then would go sit outside. Navi waited patiently by me until it was time for her treats.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening Oreo came running into the dining room and Stuffy was sitting on the top of the stairs when I came in. The boys both followed me to the kitchen to wait for their dinner. I gave Oreo his pill, then topped off their other dishes. Both boys ate very well for me. After I scooped their box, I met Oreo in the living room. Stuffy was sitting by the chair just around the corner. He eventually came in to sit by me as well. Oreo was loving up his pets. Stuffy sprawled out on his side and took a little snooze as he got brushed. He got his medicine as well. Later, Oreo wandered off to go snack some more. Stuffy didn't move an inch almost the whole time. When he had enough, he got up and went and sat a little further away. Haha.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

Yesterday we had a little break from the rain when I came by. It was actually very nice out! I let the pups out back and started getting their breakfast ready. I fed them all out on the patio this time and everyone ate well. After Hudson went around licking the empty bowls, he wandered off to explore and try and scare things out of the trees. Haha. The girls were busy exploring as well. When it was time to head in, only Gabbie went in willingly. I had to lift Hudson up each step and push him inside! Haha. I went and got Zel from the yard, then I tucked them in their beds.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning it was very nice out. I let the pups out right away while I got their food ready. Hudson and Gabbie came in for me and ate. Gabbie didn't quite finish. I let them back out and went to go get Zel again. It's definitely the beeping smoke detector that has them all upset. Zel came in and worked on her food, but as soon as she heard it she stopped. She would work up her courage to go back to her bowl, then it'd beep again. Poor girl! She did eat most of her food though. I sent her back out to play with the others for awhile. Hudson was racing along the fence trying to eye up something in the trees. Then, he was in the corner of the yard barking at something else. The girls went over to check it out too. This evening I let the pups out for their breaks. Hudson and Gabbie barked at the door, ready to come in and eat. That darn beep got them a couple times and they'd run away from their bowls. They still ate pretty well. Tonight I fed Zel out on the patio and she licked her bowl clean. I was going to deliver food outside for the other two also, but they ran in and to their spots, so I fed them there as usual. Back outside, the pups had fun roaming around. It was a gorgeous evening!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning it was very foggy outside. The pups all met me at the door and were bouncing up and down excitedly. I heard that one of the smoke detectors had a low battery beep going on. I let the pups out back for their potty breaks. They were all a little weird about coming in or eating for me this morning. I'm guessing it was because of the beeping. Zel was so busy exploring that she didn't come in with the other two. Hudson ate fine. Gabbie ate most of her food, then she was ready to head back out. I finally had to go get Zel and carry her in so she would eat her breakfast! Haha. This evening the pups were ready to head out. Zel didn't want to come in again. I fed the other two, then went out and got her right away. That way, she'd have more time outside after she ate in case she had to potty again before bed. All three were busy exploring around the yard tonight. Hudson went and sat in the middle of the yard just to listen to all the sounds. Gabbie was in the corner trying to find some toads. Miss Zel was off by the shed checking things out as well. When it was time, I rounded them up to come in for bed.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This afternoon the rain had stopped and it got quite nice out. Zel met me on my way to see the pups. I let the other two out and we all headed out back. They all had fun roaming around and enjoying the weather. This evening the frogs were singing nice and loud again! Haha. I let the pups out for their business. I called them in so they could eat their dinner. Hudson had already spotted a toad, so he was torn between coming in and going to go mess with it. He stopped halfway a couple times to look back at his friend. Haha. The pups all finished their dinners, then it was back out to play. Hudson and Zel soon found out the consequences of messing with toads. I tried to tell them! Haha. Gabbie was the only one that just stood back and barked at it, so she didn't get all foamy. Hudson didn't learn his lesson though, and was soon messing with another one. Haha. Zel moved on to the June bugs that were dive bombig the patio. When it was time, I called them all in for bedtime.

Sadie, Zoie & Cole

This morning it was raining outside when I came to see the pups. Sadie and Cole met me in the laundry room and were ready to head out. Well, Cole was until he felt the wet patio. Haha! I got him to go off and do his business though. He was quick to head back in to help me get breakfast ready. Sadie was laying by the door and enjoying the cool morning air until it was time to come in and eat. Zoie went out while the other two ate their food. She too lounged by the door instead of staying out in the rain too long. This afternoon the rain had stopped and it got very nice out. The grass was still wet though, so the girls had to go out front. Cole and I headed out back so he could do his thing as well. He and I came in and we spent some time visiting with Zoie until it was her turn to go outside. Cole went and got himself all curled up in Sadie's bed before I left.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sadie, Zoie & Cole

We had a bunch of rain early this morning, so it was back to front yard potty breaks today. I came and let Sadie out front and took Cole out back so he could do his business. While Sadie was busy, I got breakfast and their medicine ready. She came in and it was time for them to eat. Miss Zoie took her turn outside and was busy patrolling out there until it was time to come in. This afternoon Cole and I headed out back while the girls took their turns out front. He wandered out in the yard for a little bit. We sat on the patio for a few minutes since it was nice outside. I went to let Zoie in and she was wanting to stay out to chase the bugs in the bushes. This evening Sadie and Cole met me in the laundry room. Sadie went out first and I took Cole for a quick break. Zoie went outside while those two ate. Then, I let Sadie out and Cole out back for another potty break before bed. Miss Zoie and I got a few tugs with her toys tonight too.

Bella & Chico

This morning we had had some rain early. When I came by it had stopped and it was nice and cool outside. I let the pups out for their morning potty breaks. Bella and Chico took turns getting themselves some breakfast. I stayed inside this morning and the pups went out to do their business. Bella came back in and sat by me most of the time for her pets. This afternoon it was very nice out. We had a nice break from the rain. The pups raced out back to go play. Chico was talking to the neighborhood and Bella was busy exploring. Chico worked up his appetite and he took a break to go in and eat again. When it was time, we headed in and I got them each their snacks.