Thursday, July 27, 2017

Noell & Navi

This morning I came in and all the littles were awake! Haha! The prettiest little princess came in and talked to me in the kitchen. She giggled as Noell snuck by her to come get her breakfast. I went out to scoop their box and the boys came out on the patio with me. When I went to sit in the living room, all three kids came in to talk to me too. Navi sat by me and got pets for a bit. Noell kind of sat off to the edge of the room and watched over everyone. The kids got out their cool ribbon twirly things and Navi went nuts! She loved trying to get them!! That made us all laugh.

Waldo, Mabel & Otis

Today Waldo was right by the door meowing as soon as I walked in. He helped me in the kitchen and ate while I scooped their boxes and filled their water fountain. I went to see what Mabel was up to and she was hanging out under the bed in mom and dad's room. She stayed there for my visit today. She was being more bashful I guess. I grabbed the treat toy and filled that up for Otis. I couldn't find Mabel's purple heart toy today, otherwise I would have filled that up with fresh catnip too. Waldo came with me to the living room for a few pets. Then, he was ready to play! He rolled around on the floor and wrestled with his feather toy. Later, he went to sit by the treat toy. He actually did pretty well and was licking at the dispenser spot and got a few out that way. He's getting the hang of it in his own way. Haha!