Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo was sitting on his chair. He climbed down and helped me in the kitchen to get breakfast ready. Stuffy came in to eat his food by the back door. After breakfast, Oreo met me in the living room. Today, it was Oreo who hung out with me the whole time and Stuffy who wandered off. Oreo snuggled up next to me by the fire and closed his eyes as he purred away and enjoyed his pets. This evening, Oreo met me in the kitchen right away. He sat and meowed at me as I got his food. I called for Stuffy, but he didn't come see me. I went to look for him after i took care of their box. He was hanging out upstairs. I sat with him while he ate. Back downstairs, Oreo was waiting for me. He curled up next to me by the fire for some attention time. Later on, Stuffy came to join us to get some brush time too. They were nice and cozy by the warm fire tonight! Oreo even scolded me when I stopped petting him for a second. Haha.