Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This morning the girls went out first thing, as usual. I got them their breakfast and they came in to work on it while I fed Sernea. I got the food ready for Chili and let the girls back out before I went and checked in on them. Chili was sitting on the arm of the bench and the boys were trying to peek out the door as I came in. I saw Pepper was sitting just under the bench today. Pip hopped up on top of the bench and looked down at her. Then, he tried pawing at her and hopped down. She sure wasn't having any of that! Chili ate well this morning on top of the bed. This evening the girls ran outside to play. They came in to eat as I got food ready for the kitties. The girls ate well and headed back out to play some more. I headed in by the cats and Rudy was right there ready to love on me. He likes to give little love nibbles sometimes! Haha. I sat a plate down by Pepper, who was just under the edge of the bed. I put another under the bed for Salt to get at. The rest each wandered to a plate to eat. Chili didn't eat quite as well as this morning, but she still did pretty good. Soon, it was time for the girls to come in for bed.b

Sophie & Roxy

Today I saw Sophie laying in the grass by the front gate. She popped up and both girls were standing there, wagging their tails. I let them in and I got them some fresh water and dinner. I gave them each a cookie, which they took to the rug in the living room to work on. Both girls rolled to their sides afterwards and laid there for a bit. Roxy soon hopped up in her chair. Sophie came over for a few heiny scratches, before she went to lay in the dining room. The girls enjoyed their air conditioned time inside. I sent them out when it was time with their treats and miss Sophie got her medicine.