Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and Oreo was lounging on his chair. He gave me a meow good morning. Stuffy was laying in the doorway to the bedroom. I got the boys their breakfast and they went to work. After breakfast, I turned on the fireplace for them since it was a chilly morning. The boys got all cozy on either side of me for some attention time. They didn't stay long and wandered off. Stuffy snacked some more and then wandered upstairs. This evening I came in and made sure to turn the lights off outside so trick or treaters didn't show up and get disappointed. Haha. Oreo met me in the kitchen and was busy rubbing his face on the back of my leg while I got his dinner ready. He ate and I called for Stuffy. He didn't come see me, so I took care of their other things and scooped their box. Then, I went to go find him. Stuffy was lounging on one of the beds upstairs. I fed him dinner. Oreo sat behind me, waiting for his pets. The boys stopped by me on the steps for a few pets, then wandered down. They sure don't want much attention today! Haha.