Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning both boys were already sitting in the kitchen. I got them their food and they both ate well for me. The boys got their meds and we went to our spots. They laid down on either side of me as usual and purred away as they got their pets. This evening I came in and Oreo was right there to meet me. He led the way to the kitchen. He was rubbing his face on my leg as he waited for his yums. He got to work and I went out to fill Charlie's bowl. I haven't seen him around yet, but I know he's coming by, since his bowl is always empty! Stuffy came down the stairs when he heard the door. I gave him his food and he licked the plate clean. He sat on the chair by the door while he waited for me to finish filling their dishes and scooping their box. Oreo was already sitting in the living room, patiently waiting. The boys came and laid by me for their attention time. Oreo later got up to snack, then came back and laid by his catnip pillow. Stuffy didn't move a muscle. He laid on his side and closed his eyes as he purred away.