Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Noell & Navi

Today the girls wandered into the kitchen when I arrived. I got them their breakfast and they both went to work. I took Navi to the potty after she finished, but she didn't want to go for me. Someone had peed in there, so that's good. I decided to go check around and see if they were doing anything elsewhere. I did find two spots of poo on the patio today. I got that all cleaned up. Navi came out to sit on the cat tower out there with me. Haha. Back inside, Noell was waiting for her pets. She wandered around by me for a bit, then headed outside. Navi came back in and played with her fishy again. She rolled around and batted and kicked at it. Haha. Before I left, we tried again, but had no luck. She was happy to get her treats though!