Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning it was very nice out. I let the pups out right away while I got their food ready. Hudson and Gabbie came in for me and ate. Gabbie didn't quite finish. I let them back out and went to go get Zel again. It's definitely the beeping smoke detector that has them all upset. Zel came in and worked on her food, but as soon as she heard it she stopped. She would work up her courage to go back to her bowl, then it'd beep again. Poor girl! She did eat most of her food though. I sent her back out to play with the others for awhile. Hudson was racing along the fence trying to eye up something in the trees. Then, he was in the corner of the yard barking at something else. The girls went over to check it out too. This evening I let the pups out for their breaks. Hudson and Gabbie barked at the door, ready to come in and eat. That darn beep got them a couple times and they'd run away from their bowls. They still ate pretty well. Tonight I fed Zel out on the patio and she licked her bowl clean. I was going to deliver food outside for the other two also, but they ran in and to their spots, so I fed them there as usual. Back outside, the pups had fun roaming around. It was a gorgeous evening!