Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sadie, Chloe & Patches

This morning I called for Sadie as I went out to get her breakfast. When I got back I still didn't see her, so I went looking around for her. Patches was sitting on the table, waiting patiently for her food. Haha. Chloe was laying on the back of the recliner. I found Sadie lounging in her bed. She was laying there wagging her tail at me. I got her to come out and take a potty break. She came in and nibbled at her food a little. Patches ate her breakfast as well. Then, it was attention time! Sadie got her pets until it was time to go outside. Patches even came over for a couple pets too. This evening I let Sadie in and brought her bowl in. She didn't finish her breakfast, but I added her dinner in. She ate while I got Patches her food. After dinner, I sat with her and she loved up every minute of her pets. Chloe came over for some love too. She was quite the lovey dove tonight! She was rubbing her face all over my jeans. Haha!

Sophie & Roxy

Today I came in and headed to the back door. The girls were around the side of the house and came running when I called for them. They came in and said hi right away. Roxy went and hopped into her chair. I sat on the couch and Sophie came over for some pets. I noticed her poor little nosey was kinda raw. She didn't seem too bothered by it though. Soon, the girls worked up their appetites and went to go eat. After their tummies were full, it was time for a nap. Sophie curled up next to me and laid on her back for some belly rubs. Roxie went and sprawled back out on her chair. When it was time, I sent them back out with a couple snacks. It was going to be a super nice day outside!

Micah, Henry, Houston, Charlie, Smudge & Finn

Today Finn was scrambling down the hall to see who was home. She followed me everywhere as usual. Houston was napping on the chair in the living room. I stopped by to give him a few pets. Micah was lounging on the kid's bed, and Henry on the master bed. No sightings of Charlie or Smudge today. Although, Smudge left her mark. Haha. I guess she's not liking this once a day box cleaning thing! Micah ate well today. Finn and Houston kept each other busy on the floor wrestling around and grooming each other. That kept them from bothering Micah too much anyways. Henry still made a couple attempts though. Everyone seems to be doing well!


Today I saw Murdy come up to the door when he heard me outside. He meowed at me on my way in. Next, he led the way as always and jumped up on the counter. He sat on his mat and loved on the paper towel roll as he waited. Haha. Murdy ate his food and I took care of his things. He helped me get his toy, then it was time to play. He sat and stalked the feather toy, then would take a break to come over for pets, then back to play again. He purred away the whole time. He got plenty of pets and chin rubs today!