Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Noell & Navi

This morning I came in and started getting breakfast ready for the girls. Noell came in from outside and started brushing up against my legs as she waited. Navi eventually came in as well. The girls snacked on their food while I filled their dishes and scooped their box. Afterwards, Noell was waiting in the living room for me. She sat next to me and got some chin rubs. Navi was busy jumping at the laser light shining on the front door. She took some time to peek out the front window as well. Noell later got some zooms in as she chased the fishy toy around. Soon, she wandered off to go sit outside. Navi took her turn to love on me and get some attention next.

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning the pups greeted me at the door. I let them out to do their thing. It was a bit warmer this morning, so they weren't quite as eager to come in immediately. I called for them to come eat their breakfast. Everyone ate well and then they went back out to play. The girls stayed out a bit longer this morning, but still wanted to come in and warm up. They snuggled up together in Hudson's crate until he came inside. When it was time to tuck them in, they made their adjustments to their usual crates on their own. This evening the pups were eager to get outside. It was a beautiful evening. The pups came in to eat their dinner. After that, it was time to head out and play. They all stood at the gate to watch the neighbor kids playing outside for awhile. Gabbie and Hudson had fun rolling around in the grass tonight too. Hudson spent awhile just sitting in the middle of the yard to listen to the sounds of the evening. They explored until it was time to head in for the night.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo was sitting in the dining room when I came in. He met me in the kitchen and I saw Stuffy sitting in the doorway to the bedroom again. I went out to fill Charlie's bowl and then Stuffy appeared at the back door. I hadn't seen Charlie since the night he was on the front porch, but he's been coming by to eat for sure! Oreo was sitting on the counter waiting for me when I got back inside. I got the boys their food and meds. I went to sit in the living room with them, but they didn't stay to visit with me long this morning. Guess they had better things to do. Haha! This evening I came in and Oreo was sitting right at the door. I had to sneak in so he wouldn't try to get out or anything. Stuffy was sitting by the chair near the back door. I got them their food and Oreo got his meds. Stuffy didn't seem to interested in eating for me tonight. I realized they were probably filling up on treats from their treat toys and didn't eat as much of their dry food as they usually do. So, we'll hold off on filling those up again. Haha. I ended up, as a last resort, microwaving Stuffy's food for a few seconds to see if the smell would get him interested. Sure enough, he gobbled it right down. Stuffy then joined me in the living room for a brushing session. Oreo decided it was time to eat again instead. Haha.