Monday, July 31, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This morning the girls went out to do their business. I got their breakfast and let them back in to eat. Billie took her meds well again. While they ate I started cleaning up the guinea's house a little. I got them their breakfast and let the dogs back out to play. It was a beautiful morning! Next, I headed to the kitties' room. I saw little paws trying to stick out under the door. Haha. Those stinkers were pulling up the tape a bit. I went in and filled dishes quick, then gave them some attention. Rudy was attached to me since I got in the room. Haha. This evening the girls did their business and came in for dinner. Billie needed a clean towel again. Poor girl. The antibiotics should be helping with that, but then she's got the steroids that are gonna make her drink and pee more. She just can't win. She tried to spit out her pill ball tonight, but I gave it back to her and she ate it the second go. That's good! We can always try the peanut butter if she's being sneaky. I delivered some goodies to Zoi and Zephyr, then the girls went back out to enjoy the gorgeous evening. The Skeeters have been eating me alive out there, so I hung out with the kitties tonight instead. They're the ones really craving the attention anyways! Pepper was at the top of her tower tonight. She got mad when Rudy tried climbing up there by her. Haha. She was like trying to hunker down and hide, yet kept her one eye out so she could give the boys the stare down. She cracks me up. I got Rudy and Pip playing with their string. One time I tossed it around and I saw Pepper kind of jump out of the corner of my eye. I realized she wanted to play too! So, I tossed it up to her and she went nuts! She had a blast as long as the boys stayed down. Haha.