Monday, November 14, 2016

Chupi & U-turn

This morning I opened the door and saw the recliner rocking. I guess Chupi was sitting there and raced off to hide when she heard me coming! Haha. I gathered her dishes to fill them up and scooped her box for her. Next, I went to the garage and was greeted with a meow from U-turn. She was walking around and talking to me while I got her breakfast ready. I had to tell her she needed to wait outside, as she wanted to try and come in. I sat out there with her for awhile. She snacked on some breakfast, then came over for her attention. This evening I came and found Chupi in her usual spot. I talked to her and tried to get her to come out and see me, but she was happy where she was. I got her some canned food and took care of her litter. U-turn heard me getting food inside and I could hear her meowing at the door. Haha. I went out to visit her for awhile. She licked her canned food bowl clean, then it was time for pets!

Noell & Navi

This morning both girls were in the kitchen waiting for me. I guess their friend wasn't over this morning. Haha. I started getting their food ready and noticed Navi was heading down the hall. I stopped and went to follow her to make sure she was doing her business in the right place. She hopped up and peed. She followed me back to the kitchen afterwards. I used the last of her packets this morning. The girls ate well for me. After they ate, I went to change the liner quick. Back in the living room, the girls sat on either side of me to get some attention time. Navi went and sat next to the table and peeked around the corner at me. Noell wandered around and eventually headed outside. Miss Navi was just waiting for her treats, so I filled them up for her. She nearly had one empty before I finished. Haha!