Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Noell & Navi

This morning both girls were in the laundry room when I walked in. They wandered around by their bowls while they waited for breakfast. The girls ate while I filled their dishes up and went out and scooped their box. After that, they met me in the living room and wanted their pets. Navi climbed in my lap for a bit. I got their laser light out after that. The girls took turns zooming laps around the living room. While one ran laps, the other sat and watched. They both spent some time just sitting and stalking the light too. Haha.

Rusty, Ruby & the gang

This morning I came in and let Ruby out. She bounced around at her bowl, ready for her food. She gobbled that down, then we went out so she could do her business. We went back in and Rusty finally got out of bed. Haha! I stood by while he ate so no one would try and steal anything. I got the turtles some food and while I was doing that, Salem came in by me to say hi. She hopped on the bed next to me and got some pets. I got the girls their canned food and Ruby and Rusty were happy to clean up the leftover tidbits. Outside, Rusty and I got a few throws in of his ball. This afternoon the pups and I spent some time out back. It was a beautiful afternoon! Rusty zoomed around after his ball and Ruby lounged on the patio to soak up some sun. I went to fill the hay back up and the llamas were running up to check out the shop. Luckily I was quick and they didn't get in! This evening everyone was ready for dinner. Ruby of course, got hers first. Rusty ate as well and then we headed outside. I fed the big kids and then Rusty was ready for some play time. He didn't want to play super long though, so I went in and plaid with Sheba a bit. Ruby sat on the couch with me for some attention too. When it was time, I tucked Ruby in bed and got the pups their bedtime treats.