Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Bubba & Stormy

Today I came in and filled Bubba's bowl. He came out from the bedroom to say hi and get some food. Bubba got his pets while he ate. I scooped his box quick, then went to see miss Stormy. She was bouncing all over the place and happy as could be. She got some heiny scratches and pets. Then, I filled her bowl and she worked on her food too. She's such a good girl!!


This morning Shadow came down to meet me in the kitchen. He wandered into the pantry to help me get his treat and a can of food. This morning he actually ate all of the treat for me. He got his breakfast after that and worked on it while I scooped his box. Shadow came to snuggle up on my lap for awhile. He was being very lovey this morning. I think maybe he knew it was our last visit. Shadow enjoyed plenty of pets. After a bit he was getting spunky and tried to nibble on my legs. Haha! I got him to wrestle with his toy instead.